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Case Studies

Featured Project: Caroline's Cart

Harnessing plastic to transform lives, one family at time.

A mom on a mission, Multiplastics and Technibilt (North America’s largest shopping cart manufacturer), team up to design, prototype and take to market the world’s first shopping cart for special needs families....

Engineered Solutions: Problem Solving with Plastic Solutions.

Multiplastics is more than a manufacturer. Our engineering team is innovative and creative.

Innovation for Education: Design, Forming & Fabrication.

The Palmetto Project and Multiplastics partnered to help schools in need through technology and 


Panoz Case Study Image.png

Automotive Expertise: When Strength and Weight Matter

Learn how Multiplastics provided adequate rigidity/flexibility, impact resistance, and UV protection for Panoz.


Food Industry Expertise: Plastic Solutions for Improved Efficiency

Learn how Multiplastics' custom trays save hundreds of restaurants hours in cleaning and servicing for one of their most valuable tools: the Hobart slicer. 

Green Roof Outfitters

GRO Case Study.png

Vegetated Roof Systems: Building on Perfection 2.0

Learn how the Multiplastics design flexibility of the new module will continue to position Green Roof Outfitters as an industry leader.