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Industry Expertise


From major automotive manufactures to department of defense vehicles, mass transit interiors and off-road recreational vehicles, we form parts with performance, safety and convenience in mind. Heat resistant materials and plastic composites have helped cut cost and weight for many of our clients. From interior air ducts for defense vehicles, a cost saving two-part dash assembly for emergency vehicles and exterior trim parts for automotive manufacturers, Multiplastics understands automotive and transportation plastics.


Our returnable packing and dunnage solutions are rooted in the automotive industry where high volumes mean huge savings from reusable packaging. We design stackable and nestable trays that are gentle on parts, but strong on preserving your bottom time.


Plastics offer the medical industry tremendous cost savings in terms of weight, ability to withstand harsh chemical cleaners and as aesthetic housings that require no paint. New anti-microbial and impact resistant plastics keep patients and staff safe from germs and premature part failure.

Food Industry

The covers and trays we manufacture offer tangible cost savings in reduced cleanup time while metal to plastic conversions often cut part cost and associated shipping weight. Our clients range from local grocery stores to national fast food chains.


Multiplastics has a history of designing and manufacturing displays for point of sale applications. Designing products for marketing campaigns as well as stands and tables and mounts for integrated communication equipment has also been a recent focus.  Mini Billboards! We developed our line of mini billboards for marketers looking for a new angle to target customers. Fully customizable replicas of outdoor billboards, they provide perfectly scaled models of roadside advertising for critique before firms make the investment and set their advertising campaign live.



Multiplastics' history in custom marine manufacturing and proximity to the coast led us to help design the world’s first bridge water runoff containment system installed over protected marshland between Mt. Pleasant and Isle of Palms, SC. We designed and formed over 7 miles of trays that catch hundreds of thousands of gallons of runoff. From water management to dock construction products Multiplastics supplies marine construction companies the custom parts they need to complete the job.


Machinery housings, enclosures, skins, credit card reader covers, parts for ATMs, covers for gauges and thermostats and panels for industrial equipment. Our experience in thermoforming custom parts is broadened daily with the needs of our mechanical clients.  Safety, visibility and impact resistance of the plastic are large


Multiplastics has a history of providing protective plastic solutions, production tools and weight savings parts to our aerospace clients since forming the iconic space helmets used in the Apollo missions. We specialize in protective plastics to weight savings projects such as fiberglass and metal to plastic conversions cutting production time and fuel costs. Our Center of Plastics Excellence has recently focused on forming and machining fire retardant and FST compliant (Fire, Smoke & Toxicity) plastics and foams formulated specifically to meet FAR part 25 specs for the aerospace industry.


We are Radome experts. Our concealment business has seen steady growth since the advent of concealed RF antennas. We specialize in the design and manufacture of Radomes for multiple communications firms across the US. Our competence in RF transparent materials and design has helped propel our clients in the concealment  business.