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High Quality, Attention to Detail, and Experience.

Multiplastics’ in-house designers can help with your design from art to part.  Whether it is designing a new part from scratch, re-designing an existing part, or transforming a part from another material to plastic, we can meet your needs.

We use the latest CAD technology combined with our years of experience and design knowledge to transform your concept into a completed product. We not only design for form, fit and function, we design for manufacturability. 


Client Testimonial

"We have been impressed with the capabilities of the design team at Multiplastics. They design for aesthetics, manufacturability and strength; three major requirements of our project. Multiplastics exceeded our expectations on this part-redesign project with their industry leading design team."


Prototyping: TruePart Prototyping

Multiplastics' TruePart prototyping process delivers production quality prototypes that are true working parts!

Our parts are suitable for testing form, fit and function. We form, fabricate and finish parts to precise specifications with industry leading turnaround times.

Often, prototyping equates to costly parts made out of a mystery material. These parts either look great and perform poorly, or perform great but look terrible. Common rapid prototyping methods such as SLS, SLA, 3D Printing, Cast Urethane, and FDM can leave much to be desired because the material of the prototype may not be the material of the finished part. Partner with us and try our TruePart prototyping process. Needed your part yesterday? We can help!

Featured Project: Caroline's Cart


Client Testimonial

"The compressed time line we were given had us in expedite mode.  You were a model of responsiveness every step of the way communicating a clear production and delivery schedule for our first article and first run of parts."

- A Transportation Client

A mom on a mission, Multiplastics and Technibilt (North America’s largest shopping cart manufacturer), team up to design, prototype and take to market the world’s first shopping cart for special needs families....


Rapid Tooling Design

High Quality and Quick Turnaround

Typical tooling production can take weeks for the design, pattern, and casting to be completed. Sometimes production can’t wait. While quality is the top priority, our tooling turnaround times are some of the quickest in the industry. It all starts with our design team. Our proficiencies in CAD/CAM mean short lead times and parts in your hands quickly.


Client Testimonial

"When navigating the complicated government bidding process, Multiplastics turns around quotes quickly, because they understand their client’s needs.  It has been a pleasure working with their team."


Value Added Services

High Quality, Good Tolerances and Quick Production

Multiplastics' fabrication & finishing shop offers these services: Welding, gluing, drilling, polishing, riveting, pinning, hinging, bolting, fastening, bending, bonding, trimming, die cutting, foam filling or whatever it takes to manufacture your finished part to your specifications and tolerances.

Multiplastics' Defines CNC programming:  A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router is a controller that reads instructions and operates a machine tool.  The device is used to cut and fabricate components by the selective removal of material. 

CNC machines are programmable to perform many kinds of operations form cutting holes in a part for screws or creating a stencil. Cutting curves is as easy as cutting a straight line.  CNC routing, with its close tolerances and 100% repeatability, means that your parts are cut with precision every time.

CNC features/Benefits:

  • Precision and Speed

  • Tightest detail and tolerances

  • Repeatability 


Client Testimonial

"Multiplastics works with the region’s largest manufacturers, which is obvious if you walk into their showroom, they have also proven to be an amazing partner for an entrepreneur like myself in helping me develop, design and manufacture my product." 

- Rocco & Foster Innovations

Value Added Assembly and Secondary Operations

Multiplastics’ offers a variety of secondary operations to provide you with quality finished parts.

Multiplastics can provide additional services that will deliver a beautiful part into your hands. We offer a variety of secondary operations including:

  • Heat Staking

  • Injection Welding

  • Hot Air Welding

  • Plastic Welding

  • Structural Adhesive Application

  • Heat Bending

  • Flame Polishing

  • Foam Filling

  • Hardware Assembly



Client Testimonial

"As a growing company, our needs frequently change. Multiplastics' ability to satisfy our needs at various levels of production has been impressive. Their agility and willingness to take on projects of varying volume and assembly detail is what keeps us coming back."

- A Leading Outdoor Power Equipment Company

Materials We Work With

Need a specific color? Multiplastics’ color match process is easy. We work with Pantone and RAL, and can match any color. Just provide a tiny sample of material or color number and we will have a match for you in days.